Mike Gordon

Andelmans’ Yardsale (2009)

Released: August 27th, 2009
Format(s): Website 

Mike spent two months working alone, all day, every weekday, playing all the parts, when he wrote and recorded Andelmans’ Yard from his album The Green Sparrow. In all honesty, he probably had a forty minute lunch on some of those days, and he probably stopped to make tea and, conversely, went to the bathroom a few times – a good rule of thumb is, “a lot of tea, a lot of bathrooming.” Here is a secret porthole into the process. To find the ten examples, you will navigate through an online scavenger hunt. You’ll have access to the original demo, practice runs, guitar lick mastering, keyboard choices and more. The deeper you get, the more you’ll hear. Welcome to, if you will, the Andelmans’ Yardsale.