Mike Gordon

Moss Remixes (2011)

Mike Gordon
Released: April 16th, 2011 (JEMP Records, Record Store Day)
Format(s): 7″ Vinyl, MP3

Remixes from Mike’s solo album “Moss,” which was released in October of 2010. The idea was not to “remix” the songs, but instead, work with the moments that had lead to the germination of the songs. In other words: remixing, per say – no, and germination moments – yes. You could almost call ’em premixes, But don’t. So: remixing/no, premixing/yes, germination/sorta. In other words – premix this, don’t remix that, but do/don’t germinate those. There were seven total remixes, which include bits of original demos, bass and drum jams, and many added extra textures. Two of the tracks (Horizon Line and Fire From A Stick) were released as a Limited Edition 7-inch (1,000 copies) created exclusively for Record Store Day.

You can download and listen to the complete set of Moss Remixes at https://www.mike-gordon.com/mossmix/