Mike Gordon

Start by cold-rinsing one Modulus TBX bass (through-neck), add a teaspoon of Jerry Dunlop 1.5mm triangular graphite pick, bring to a boil a pack of Ken Smith Slickround™ (half flat) strings, and peel and chop two EMG DC pickups. [For a lighter meal, try a Dave King A Series headless/bodyless bass, ans season with an RMC piezo bridge pickup, an Aguilar preamp, and a built-in tuner], Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter Pro, Source Audio Bass Distortion Pro, Eventide Eclipse, Eventide Space, MXR graphic EQ, Boss graphic EQ and Electro Harmonix Super Ego.

In the kitchen of Phish, the instrument was thickened with vegan effects like The Meatball envelope filter by Lovetone™, an Ibanez stomp box flanger, and an Eventide 4500 Harmonizer (Mike marinates with at least ten Eventide patches on a regular basis, such as “Echospace Of God.” These effects were simmered, char-broiled, and braised by a CAE switching system, complete with hard-bypass, on-off loops and MIDI.

From there the signal was cajun-blackened using an Eden WT 800 amp into a  Meyers CP-10 parametric EQ, and onward toward a Meyers powered speaker system: One 750P 2×18 and one 750 PL 2 x 18, two UPA-1P on top.

In the current era, Michael has been cooking with The Lovetone, an Akai Deep Impact pedal, as well as a Korg TU-something tuner. Finishing the sound he goes straight to the Eden WT800 driving a single Eden 4×10 cab, sometimes enhancing with more  Eden 18′s and more power.  All signal is passed through phish fabricated cables.