Mike Gordon

September 27, 2012

Flashback (Remix, 2011)

Remixed by Jared Slomoff from “Moss.” The idea was not to “remix” the songs, but instead, work with the moments that had lead to the germination of the songs. From Mike: “I had asked drummer Caleb Bronz to record many different grooves for me that I’d been hungry to work with, and when he was done I asked if he’d do a bass and drum jam. While it was one of the earlier grooves that led to the strange bass passage that begins ‘Flashback,’ it was the bass and drum jam at the end that Jared used to remix – in this case by adding textures. His goal was to keep the bass and drums simple and tight while having the other sounds cascade in juxtaposition. He imagined this juxtaposition to be indirectly ‘King Sunny Ade-ish.'”

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