Mike Gordon

September 7, 2010


We’re excited to announce Moss, Mike’s third solo album, which hits stores October 19th, and is available for pre-order now.

Moss comes only two short years after The Green Sparrow, and about half of its songs stem from the same 50-song burst of creativity that seeded that album. A four-song sequence, comprising “Flashback,” “The Void,” “Got Away” and “Spiral,” goes places no songs have gone before. You might suppose these soundscapes are musical evocations of particularly fanciful sights and sounds experienced while on hallucinogenic vision quests.

Songs like “Spiral” and “The Void” detour into evocatively abstract, meterless areas of sound with a mysterious, textural richness. On the other hand, such numbers as “Can’t Stand Still” and “Fire From a Stick” – both joyfully devoted to muses, mentors and the ecstatic wellspring of inspiration – are infectious, danceable, upbeat and viscerally planted in the here and now.

Drummers Joe Russo and Doug Belote crop up throughout the album, and other guests include organist Marco Benevento, keyboardist Page McConnell and drummer Jon Fishman.

Anyone who pre-orders Moss on CD or Vinyl via Mike’s Online Store or Phish Dry Goods will receive one of four Limited Edition sketch replications of the original Moss album cover concepts from Mike’s Journal – all individually signed by Mike himself. In addition, everyone is automatically entered to win a chance at the Moss Grand Prize: a bona fide 30 minute, private bass lesson with Mike. Don’t even play bass? Even better! We’ll finalize time and location with the lucky winner (update: the contest is over, and the lucky winner was Frank S. from Washington, DC. To view a photo of the lesson with Mike, click here

To Pre-Order Moss, click here.


1. Can’t Stand Still

2. Horizon Line

3. Fire From A Stick

4. What Things Seem

5. Babylon Baby

6. Flashback

7. The Void

8. Got Away

9. Spiral

10. Idea