Mike Gordon

Let’s Go


We can’t stay at home, stare at the flo’ Come on now let’s go, woah…
The stomp of the hippo, the circling crow Come on now let’s go, woah…

Pull the eject seat and yell, let’s go
Land on a windshield ‘n tell ‘em, let’s go
Don’t wear out your welcome, let’s go Move it, you know you can’t help it, let’s go
Don’t slow down for one single second now Rev it and roll, oh/woah, let’s go

Let’s go to Boston and scream at the plows Smash through piles of caved in snow, woah…
Barrel on down, side swiping the crowds
Make with the take run off with the dough, woah..

Ready or not, time to blow, let’s go
You got a vigilante mob in tow, let’s go
They’re catching up faster than you know, let’s go
You’re running for your life, it’s your show, let’s go
Boost you up the fire ladder, yo, let’s go
Could you move it just a little more slow, let’s go
What the hell ya doin’ there bro?, let’s go
Time to g g g g g g g g go, let’s go