Mike Gordon

Revolution of the Mind

With a twinkle in the eye you describe the things you hoard, yeah I get it, I’m kind of on board
But your movie idea is what has me floored. I can act in that, I’m kind of on board
It might drain some time, it’s a double edged sword, but count me in, I’m kind of on board
Be all fired up ‘til I start getting bored, and even then I be kind of on board
Woah a spark flashed, showed me I was blind
To a kind of uprising that I can never find
Right through the roof, a sun beam shined
A mutiny of whims, revolution of the mind
It’s a civil disorder I should not have declined
As I stood up to fight I know the angels aligned
They held the form, on the line I signed
Beautiful chaos, revolution of the mind
Haven’t felt this euphoric since the last time I toured, I hear you cheer so I’m kind of on board
You call from the clouds and my wings are restored, now I’m flying beside you ‘cause I’m kind of on board
When an idea hits it cannot be ignored, fighting all battalions toward the big reward
It might be kitschy, a bit out of the ord, when you see it take flight then your mind has soared
You play a beat, I play a chord, an angel sings a line and the heavens have roared
You can tell your mom, you can tell the lord, you can count on me ‘cause I’m kind of on board