Mike Gordon

Say Something


I get affected, you make a sound and you mute me
I get rejected, when you move about and you lose me
Tongue tied, I can hardly get myself to
Say Something
Gotta say it in morse code, gotta say it on the radio
Say Something
I gotta get loose

I’m finding nothing, when I cruise the other side
Then I find you jumping out on the alley cat sidewalk so high
My, you fall so gracefully, just gaze my way and
Say Something
Gotta say it in Morse code, gotta say it on the radio
Say Something, and we can finally get loose sometime

Take it on high … You can testify

Just when you get a little impulse to almost
Start vibration in the inside of your throat
Someone has to make an interruption
They tap into a hydrant, spray us with the hose

Let’s talk about the time through dirty little streets we can roam
Park in every cul de sac and hide so we never get home
Talk is cheap anyway, words can get overblown
Let the transmission do it’s thing and we can swing in the drone

Say Something….Say it in smoke signals
Say it in Morse code, Slur it so the words erode
Say Something…. Move it in charades
But baby there’s no need to stay clammed up today
In your fifteen minutes of fame, with all the network cameras aimed
Could you just one time come up with a line that expresses everything that you wanted to

Say Something