Mike Gordon


(Mike Gordon, Joe Linitz)

The only way I could catch up to you
Is to climb the wall and run sideways
If I’m gonna figure out what you said
I’m gonna tilt my head and think sideways You take off again while I’m still in bed

I see your silhouette floating away sideways

I’m perpendicular, experiencing vertigo
I have an epiphany that doesn’t tell me where to go I don’t think that the normal rules apply
‘Cause gravity comes at me blowing from the side

Now that you’re away I read all your notes
I found them in your bag sticking out sideways Your plan was there, a way to make me sorry For words that came out sideways

You’ll poison me, embarrass me and steal from me You’ll change my codes and alter my identity
I’m perpendicular, experiencing vertigo
And gravity comes at me but it’s blowing from the side

I’m perpendicular but I seem to be feeling vertigo And gravity blows at me from the side