Mike Gordon

Stealing Jamaica


I’m cool and also a stupid fool
Roll down the window, license and registration
I need to know, you got an island in the trunk
Out of the car, cuff you up, take you down to the station

Stealing Jamaica / crawling on the floor I scrounge
Stealing Jamaica / I’ll meet you at the hotel lounge
Stealing Jamaica / this ain’t no sports car, this thing is full of dents Stealing Jamaica /
just need to relax, I’m just a little tense

Stealing beaches, some coladas and a snorkel, waves bluer than Nantucket’s
Swivel back to my desk with no rum, no shovel, sand, or plastic buckets
Clepto a place where every fridge has a built in subwoofer
Breeze in my pocket, and the summer sun is warm
I just hate when everyone here is tryin’ a’ kill me

I steal away/ I’m tropically transformed
I steal away / I steal away / I’m tropically transformed / Psycho tropically transformed / Transformed / I’m Tropically Transformed / A tropical illusion / Take it away Robert / Take it like a bobcat / We are waiting

Yeah we hear you takin’ it now / Ah you really took it
Stealing Jamaica