Mike Gordon

September 12, 2013

Factoids. More.

• Screen protectors on phones cause “phonecia”

• You can solve a jigsaw puzzle 130% as fast by covering your left eye (no brain crosstalk!!)

• In 2012, no American cats were named “Fissure”

• The original “Tarzan” and “Jane” were actually played by each other’s actors

• Concrete and cement are not only different, but molecularly opposite

• It is proven a carpenter app can slow a carpenter down to a near standstill

• Stink is caused by a misunderstanding within your nose follicles

• Bullet points were invented by a real Wild West gunwoman

• Red-eye reduction is never needed as long as the subject squirts, ironically, a red dye in there first. Really!

• There are only two cereals still on the shelf since the 40s: Grape Nuts and Coco Berries – literally, still there