Mike Gordon

March 18, 2013


1. There are over 450 ways to say “the animal kingdom” in English

2. Clouds never reappear, they just appear

3. The Soviet Union is about to have a reunion party

4. It’s likely the table of elements will double, if not triple

5. Monopoly™ was a sport before it was a game

6. The sugar in candy bars is “the good kind”

7. There are less than forty fonts that can be retrofitted into typewriters

8. We now have a robotic vehicle on Mars. The intention is eventually to put it up on Ebay.

9. The guy who started “Craig’s List” plays percussion in M. Gordon’s band

10. Hot sauce never gets fizzy, but at zero gravity it gets clammy

11. There are more CDs released each moment than there are births
12.  Cars omit a gas similar to the mist that surrounds “raisins”
13. Peter Cottontail was read by more people standing up than sitting

14. In Sweden, 100 infrared sensors cost less than four of the same
15. A child who plays with marbles is forty times as likely to woodwork
16. There are more fonts in Chinese than there are species of invertebrae
17. While sound engineers can discern a one decibel change, no birds can

18. Eighty times out of a hundred someone using crayons will eat a tip
19. The U.S. telegraph system closed because of embezzlement
20. The loudest sound known to woman is the closing of outer space