Mike Gordon

Crazy Sometimes


Everybody gets a little crazy sometimes
Sometimes I feel a bit off kilter
I take a walk to clear my mind
Hear sped up voices in the darkness
No one there, no blood to find

I might just spin out of control
Climb on my car and yell out loud
Is anyone out there feeling wired
Feeling good, feeling proud

Sometimes I’m O.C.D. in the morning
Then A.D.D. by the time night falls
Guardian angels lettin’ down their guards
I’m all spun,  I want it all

Dye my brows dandelion yellow
Jump off a shelf from nine feet high
I got eight point five reincarnations
Left to live ‘fore I die

I’ve gone through all five steps of grieving
A penguin plunge when I caught fire
I’ll stand in a carwash, straps whippin’ your windshield
Just to see you come unwired

If I wake up bound in a padded room
Or a library aisle screaming incode
Imposters all of you, it’s freakin’ me out
Speech make no, in overload