Mike Gordon

April 9, 2006

Dean Coyote

Dean Coyote sat down in his therapists office. Therapist Tazzle was ultra calm. He seldom flinched. Coyote was goose-like and rambunctious, like a tense eel. The two commenced.


“Tazzle, I’m frazzled,” exclaimed Coyote. “I just bought a coy-dog and the animal knew my wife before her ex-husband knew me. You see, the dog was not just a dog.”


“What are you getting at, Coyote?”


“Well, Tazzle, it’s the dog. The coy-dog. You see, the dog knew my brother before my cousin knew me. You see, my cousin is not just a cousin.”


“What are you getting at, Coyote?”


“Well, you see, it’s the dog. The coy-dog.”