Mike Gordon

Inside In (2003)

Mike Gordon
Released: August 26, 2003 (Ropeadope), vinyl released April 16, 2011
Format(s): CD, LP, MP3

Lyrics were added to the background tracks of Mike’s first feature film, Outside Out and “Inside In”, a spacey, country, funk dream of sorts, was created. Gordon Stone’s steel served as lead tone, and Mike brought in friends like Bela Fleck and Vassar Clements for some special licks, as well as strange words from Col. Bruce Hampton. Mike rented a cool sports car and drove the perimeter of Manhattan cranking the album with some friends once it was done. They were going fast. They dug it.

A project can start with goals – like: take what Bruce Hampton had inspired in the movie and extract it in the form of musical bits from the score and homemade sound effects – there was a blurry line between those categories anyway – and rework the raw sounds for an all new purpose, the purpose of making songs. It was fun in a homemade way – Mike had built a studio to make the movie soundtrack, written and recorded the music, finished the movie, and then realized there was a contortion of said sounds being beckoned by the cosmos.